MECSeR stands for Managing Enterprise Cyber Security Risks. It is a specially configured software suit to automate data transmission and integration the threat intelligence with the risk assessment tools.

The project is grounded on Software as a Services (SaaS) model. These services include: analyzing information shared about enterprise network and software vulnerabilities and identifying common vulnerability exposures relevant to the enterprise’s technology environment; performing remote network analysis to identify threats and potentially anomalous activity; conducting vulnerability and penetration testing, industrial risk mapping; cybersecurity risk assessment; adaptive data mining; cyber threat intelligence and decision support.

A risk management-based approach to cybersecurity permits enterprise IT-specialists to tailor their approach to the individual circumstances and the changing threats each enterprise faces. Risk assessments can help identify and prioritize those steps that are most urgent to undertake.

MECSeR project provides accessibility innovative cyber security tools and technology for Ukrainian enterprises of all sizes at affordable prices.


Artem Velikzhanin

M.Sc. student

General technical leadership, Technical analysis, Design, Development

Eugenia Schirova

M.Sc. student

Software testing engineering, Build, Tools, Deployment

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Maxim Nesterov

Ph.D. student

Architecture, High-level design, Functional analysis, Code review

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